Luke Mulholland's face meets the RioT turf in epic botched goal celebration

Real Salt Lake midfielder Luke Mulholland won't soon be forgetting the goal he scored on September 23, 2017 against the Seattle Sounders.

The Englishman executed a perfect run and finish in the 66th minute of Real Salt Lake's 2-0 victory on that day, but let's just say his celebration lacked a bit of the same focus.

Mulholland can be excused for being a bit rusty: It was his first goal since scoring in back-to-back matches in early April 2017.

“I blacked out," he said after the match. "I just saw it on the replay now. No, to be honest it’s been awhile since I’ve hit the back of the net so I forgot how to celebrate and then just face planted.”

September 24, 2017

Mulholland is hardly the only MLS player whose knee-sliding celebrations have left something to be desired. You might recall this moment from Colorado's Kevin Doyle last season, after he also snapped a similar scoring drought:

For what it's worth, Mulholland is no stranger to throwing his body around. Check out this attempt at a defensive clearance header from two seasons ago: