Lionel Messi: I would like to play in the United States someday

Lionel Messi - FC Barcelona - tight shot

The notion of Lionel Messi one day taking his talents to MLS has long been considered the holy grail of players that could potentially come to the league, but we've seldom heard thoughts on that idea from Messi himself.

With his future at Barcelona once again a topic of discussion with Messi’s current deal expiring at the end of the season and freeing him to negotiate a change in scenery in January, most of the speculation has centered on a potential move to the English Premier League, specifically Manchester City. But could he one day, somewhere down the line, opt to suit up stateside?

In a wide-ranging Sunday interview broadcast by Spanish TV channel La Sexta, Messi spoke on his future plans, and the GOAT gave some pretty notable quotes. 

We'll start with a caveat: Messi threw cold water on the idea that he's unhappy at Barcelona and that he's necessarily aiming for an exit in the near future, whether that's to the Premier League or anywhere else.

However, when Messi talked about his thoughts on a potential US move, he certainly made it sound like more than just a passing thought in his mind.

That's sure to get MLS fans dreaming once again, even if it seems likely Messi will be staying at Barcelona in the near term. Messi is 33 now, but he remains arguably the best player in the world and one that can likely maintain his dominance into his 30s. 

At some point in the next few years, maybe he'll finally decide to make that dream a reality.