Michael Bradley Zlatan Ibrahimovic confrontation

Amid the monsoon of goals on Saturday night between Toronto FC and the LA Galaxy, a high-profile disagreement broke out.

As TFC captain Michael Bradley was remonstrating with referee Nima Saghafi during stoppage time, Galaxy star Zlatan Ibrahimovic stepped in to exchange a few words. Neither backed down and the discussion raged on.

Bradley's side prevailed 5-3 over the Galaxy, who stumbled further away from the playoff line with just five games remaining in their season, and Ibrahimovic's ire continued to the locker room.

“He thinks he is the philosopher of football,” Ibrahimovic said of Bradley after the game. “I have more goals than he has games. He should follow my rules.”

On Monday, Bradley was a guest on ESPN's Max and Herc podcast and discussed the incident at length, including Ibrahimovic's post-game jab. Bradley was lighthearted and downplayed the entire incident.

"I thought we were having a good football conversation, I really did," Bradley said with a laugh. "I guess he didn't quite think so. That's OK. He's not the first guy and he won't be the last guy to not like me, so I've gotten over it. In the end, there wasn't much to it."

Even Bradley was entertained.

"Ibra is always good for a one-liner and a witty comment after a game and in those moments," Bradley said. "I think, like everyone, how can you not be entertained by him?

TFC's captain took the moral high ground, instead of verbally firing back, Bradley decided to credit Ibrahimovic's ability and personality.

"Everything that he has done, even if you just look at this year, since he's come into the league, some of the goals he's scored, some of the things he says, he's a personality," Bradley said. "You can't ever take that part away from him."

There was one thing Bradley and Toronto could take away from Ibrahimovic and the Galaxy on Saturday night, though: three points.

Be sure to listen to the whole interview here.