4-Minute Highlights | FC Dallas 1-1 New York City FC | 4-minute Highlights

FC Dallas and their fans gave Ryan Hollingshead a warm welcome on Sunday night, as he made his first match appearance since being struck by a car in a near-deadly accident on an icy January night in the Dallas suburb of Irving. 

The versatile midfielder/defender came off the bench in the final minutes of FCD's 1-1 draw with New York City FC, completing a long road back to health after the accident broke three vertebrae in his neck. 

Hollingshead had stopped to help another motorist who had wrecked their vehicle in icy winter conditions on Jan. 7, only to be hit by another car and thrown some 30 feet. Amazingly, he sustained no spinal cord damage and no surgery was required, though he had to wear a neck brace for several weeks.