Even Andrea Pirlo dabs now: NYCFC stars flash secret handshake

Andrea Pirlo beard

Andrea Pirlo turns 38 in a few months. New York City FC’s deeply cultured, achingly stylish midfield regista has seen fads and trends come and go in his illustrious, decades-long career, and shrugged most of them off as he carved out his own unique, iconic #pirlostyle.

But when you’re surrounded every day by kids young enough to be, well, your kids, it’s almost impossible not to stay young at heart.

That, folks, is the only possible explanation for the Italian legend’s venture into the cultural phenomenon of dabbing.

Yes, even Pirlo is doing it. And it appears that his 23-year-old teammate Khiry Shelton is the cause, as cameras have captured the young winger swapping a subtly elaborate hand greeting with the maestro during an NYCFC training session that was capped by a brief mutual dab.

Though it was but a fleeting moment in the Citizens’ warm-up activities, the occasion got NYCFC’s social-media team fired up enough to reach out to Pirlo’s former Juventus teammate Paul Pogba, who introduced the dab to the European soccer mainstream, for feedback on its execution.

So what do you think? Is Pirlo applying his trademark languid elegance to the move? Or is this more of an “I’m too old for this stuff” dab? File your evaluations and interpretations in the comments section below, please.