THUMB - EMBED - Dom Dwyer - Sporting Kansas City - WWE Raw Screencap

We know Dom Dwyer is good in front of the goal. But how is he from the top rope?

On Monday night, the Sporting Kansas City forward stopped by WWE Raw in Kansas City and spoke to WWE Ring Announcer Mike Rome about what it was like being at his first pro wrestling event.

The interview took a fun turn when he challenged WWE champ Brock Lesnar to a fight.

“I think I can take him, honestly,” Dwyer said. “I heard he’s not here so I can say that. But I hope I never meet him because I’m quite scared.”

Dwyer would be giving up about six inches and a whole lot of pounds to Lesnar. Luckily, there’s always that quest to join the US national team thing to fall back on. 

Watch the full interview below: