Damien Perrinelle is living a stylish off-season life, modeling for Girbaud

Damien Perrinelle in Girbaud

Hey New York Red Bulls fans, if you live in the metro area and are reading this on Saturday, then you're probably girding yourself against the snowstorm with warm socks and carbohydrates. Let this warm you up, as well: one of RBNY's fancy Frenchies is spending his off-season putting his off-field talents to use.

This time around, it's Damien Perrinelle. (We're still waiting for some fashion-line updates, okay, Aurelien Collin?)

The defender's modeling for French line Girbaud as they launch a full-scale comeback. You might remember their premium denim from when it was huge with American hip-hop artists and fans. (Here's just one case in point: the Big Tymers' "Number One Stunna" video from 2000.)

We'll be lurking -- uh, looking -- for future updates.