We’ve all seen it happen: A pitch invader, likely inebriated and looking for their moment of fame, makes a bold run from the stands onto the field.

If they’re fleet-footed and shifty, maybe you'll think "Oh wow, they might actually make it." But deep down we know that security guards are in hot pursuit, and odds are it’ll end with an NFL-style tackle. The TV cameras pan away, too, not looking to glorify the ill-conceived decision. And the in-person crowd stirs in excitement bordering along "am I allowed to be enjoying this?"

Or at least that’s how these things normally go.

During Saturday night’s 1-1 draw between FC Cincinnati and Orlando City SC, a young child darted onto the TQL Stadium pitch as the visitors advanced upfield. Theatrics would follow suit, yes?

Not quite. His mom reacted with maternal instincts and quickly retrieved him before returning to their seats, leaving play uninterrupted. No harm, no foul.

Sam Greene, a photojournalist from The Cincinnati Enquirer, was on hand to document the event. The young, daring pitch invader (named Zaydek) and his mom seemed all smiles, even if not a little embarrassed by how the sequence unfolded.

Perhaps Zaydek wanted to help out FC Cincinnati's defense, or maybe he’s more of an Orlando City fan. Whatever the answer is, the moment (seen below) clearly showed soccer IQ and tactical instincts beyond his years.

The MLS Secondary Transfer Window just passed last Thursday, but FC Cincinnati boss Jaap Stam and Orlando manager Oscar Pareja must have taken notice of the young talent.


As for what’s next for Zaydek?

Rumor has it that FC Cincinnati’s academy has him earmarked as a potential homegrown. He's just got to work on his pull-away speed and evasive maneuvers.