RBNY still waiting for Gonzalo Veron to deliver on DP promise | Analyst's Den

What I mean by that is the problems mount up for you. Instead of concentrating on the next play you’re still thinking of the last. It’s my biggest issue with the young guys in our country. For good or bad, they’re still thinking of the last play. “I scored a great goal... Why is this dude yelling at me for not tracking back.. [expletive]!” Or “I messed up last time I tried playing this ball. I better not try that ball again." That type of thing.
You need amnesia in this game.

A take from a veteran MLS player who shall remain nameless that I think is pretty accurate. One of the things I've noticed, however, is that the young guys who come into the league with USL experience have tended to play with a harder edge than in years past.

Take that as you will.

Onto the week that was:

Not Exactly

Peter Vermes has, it seems, made a decision. And the decision is that hometown hero, USMNT veteran and DP defender Matt Besler has lost his starting role in the center of defense for Sporting KC, with that job now squarely at the feet of journeyman Lawrence Olum. Olum has played mostly d-mid for Sporting in the past, but this year has been shifted to the backline with mixed results.

Whether this is a permanent move from Vermes or just a temporary message to a guy who has been, in a lot of ways, the face of the franchise remains to be seen. Vermes has benched Besler before -- back in September of 2013, just before Sporting got on a run that culminated in the franchise's second MLS Cup.

This seems like something different, though, and I'm not the only one who sees it:

GOAL: Ilsinho blasts C.J. Sapong centering header to the back of the net

The Union's social media team was confused by the play, but make no mistake: that was an intentionally cushioned header right into Ilsinho's path. As D.C. head coach Ben Olsen said after the game, "CJ manhandled us."