Chicharito - Andres Guardado - Mexico

Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez's decision to move from Sevilla to the LA Galaxy has certainly been polarizing among fans of the Mexico national team, and Andres Guardado has made no secret he stands with his El Tri teammate.

Speaking exclusively to TUDN, the 32-year-old midfielder for Real Betis said Chicharito made the right call in moving on from a La Liga rival that wasn't giving him playing time.

“I would have made the same decision as [Chicharito]," Guardado said. "He had some complicated years where he didn’t play, he bet on Sevilla, sacrificing what he won, didn’t play there either and an opportunity like this comes, you have to weigh it.”

Guardado also hit back at any insinuation that the move was primarily money-driven for Chicharito, who has made only nine appearances — four starts — since moving to Sevilla from West Ham.

“I bet that if he was a starter at Sevilla he would not have gone for more money because ultimately what he wants to do is play," Guardado said. "That’s why you have to look at each case. They said [Carlos] Vela was going on vacation and he’s crushing it.”