The Call Up: Portland Timbers coach Giovanni Savarese talks Sebastian Blanco, wildfires and his journey to the US

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Gio Savarese joins the show! The Portland Timbers head coach discusses the Pacific Northwest wildfires, Sebastian Blanco and how he found his way from Venezuela to Long Island University. Gio shares the importance of having a good meal (with even better company), but what food won’t he be serving? Plus, a very special guest drops by for an exciting announcement! Pour yourself a glass of wine because you won’t want to miss this one.

  • 1:24 - Call Up Cares
  • 2:22 - HFT Becky G
  • 3:34 - HFT Gonzalo Higuain outfit
  • 6:00 - HFT Virgil van Dijk
  • 7:25 - HFT Charles Barkley hates cats
  • 9:58 - Welcome Gio Savarese
  • 10:23 - Portland wildfires/protests
  • 13:28 - 2020 Season: * or !
  • 15:30 - Sebastian Blanco
  • 18:25 - Providence Park without the atmosphere
  • 22:00 - Gio’s journey to the States
  • 24:15 - Early MLS memories
  • 26:10 - Gio’s ideal dinner guests & menu
  • 27:53 - Savarese Celebrations
  • 32:05 - What’s on Tap - Calen Carr & The Movement goes to podcast


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