Chicago's CJ Sapong shares a powerful message on the fight against racism | Extratime

Listen. Learn. Change. New pod, but same theme. As the United States grapples with public protests against systemic racism and violence against the black community, Andrew and David welcome two powerful voices to help frame the conversation in Chicago Fire forward C.J. Sapong and Orlando City executive Caesar Lopez. Plus, MLS is coming back! The guys give their first impressions on a tournament in Orlando after MLS and the MLS Players’ Association ratified a new CBA.

Time Segment
9:35 INTERVIEW: Caesar Lopez, Orlando City Chief Administrative Officer, on his powerful letter
21:15 Details TBD, but MLS will return to play! First reactions…
27:44 INTERVIEW: C.J. Sapong on the fight against racism and what comes next
55:02 Greatest Team Bracket + Extratime ABCs in the mailbag



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