Portland Timbers owner Merritt Paulson, FC Cincinnati pantheon and an analytics exclusive | Extratime

Andrew, David, Calen and Doyle tackle the Portland Timbers Mount Rushmore with owner Merritt Paulson. Come for the chainsaw/CCL stories and stay for Paulson’s take on a club pantheon. Will the guys agree with his take? We’re making at least one change…

Plus, Matt Doyle gets exclusive rights to cliffs above FC Cincinnati, and Toronto FC Director of Analytics Devin Pleuler stops by to explain why soccer trails behind the NBA and what the most exciting wrinkles and technology in the field say about the future of data and the beautiful game.

Time Segment
11:42 Merritt Paulson tells Timbers stories
16:34 Merritt's Mount Rushmore picks
32:52 Extratime is making one small change … Final Timbers Mount Rushmore
52:22 Who on earth belongs on the FC Cincinnati Mount Rushmore?
59:05 TFC Director of Analytics Devin Pleuler on data and soccer



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