How did the Seattle Sounders' new ownership group come together?

The Seattle Sounders made plenty of headlines Tuesday morning, with the announcement that 11 new families have joined the club’s ownership group.

But how exactly did so many people come together, all with a common goal for the Western Conference club?

To shed some insight into that, former Microsoft executive Terry Myerson wrote an extensive LinkedIn post that starts at the very beginning and carries through the latest chapters in his Seattle fandom. It’s easy to tell how passionate Myerson is of the project, which also saw founding owner Joe Roth depart the club.

“Sometimes an opportunity feels so right, everything just falls into place,” Myerson’s post began. “A great team. Great timing. A worthy challenge. I’ve been fortunate to have a few such experiences throughout my life, and today’s announcement certainly ranks near the top of the list.”

You can check out the full story here, which includes more on how Russell Wilson, Ciara, Macklemore and more joined forces to help elevate the Sounders. Throughout his post, Myerson also impressed how important majority owner Adrian Hanauer was during the whole process.

“Seattle is lucky to have Adrian Hanauer at the helm of the Sounders,” Myerson wrote. “Time and time again, he would ask, ‘What is best for the Sounders?’ Selflessly, this question would always guide his thinking as we navigated through a variety of options for the club and new investors. I’m proud to consider him a partner today."