Martino-Armas not the first: Three other MLS handshake controversies

"Tata" Martino and Chris Armas surely aren't trailblazers in the handshake game.

While Martino may be the highest-profile MLS coach to ever drape his sweater around his shoulders, he isn't the first to refuse a managerial postgame handshake. And he probably won't be the last.

On Sunday, in the immediate aftermath of the Red Bulls' convincing 2-0 win over Atlanta United, Martino elected to skip out on shaking Armas' outstretched hand, instead opting for a half-hearted pat on the back. 

Martino elaborated on the incident after the game, saying he "likes coaches with a low profile."

Armas didn't explicitly fire back, though has become the hero in a new meme making the rounds throughout MLS Twitter™.

This reminds us of a few other handshake controversies over the years...

Jesse Marsch and Patrick Vieira: Handshakegate

Both coaches found mutual respect before departing for Europe this season, but, the beginning of the Marsch-Vieira rivalry was a feisty one.

Verbal barbs regularly traded in post-match interviews complemented the arguing on the touchline quite nicely and Vieira's refusing to shake Marsch's hand in the tunnel after a game added another dimension to the NY Derby. 

"I think today he made more decisions in favor of the Red Bulls because the manager's been crying all the week," Vieira said in the aftermath of a Red Bulls' win in 2016. "At the end he got what he wanted."

Pep Guardiola refuses All-Star handshake

Who said the All-Star game was a friendly? Surely Guardiola's postgame demeanor, and Will Johnson's tackle on Bastian Schweinsteiger that sent Guardiola into a frenzy, was anything but friendly. 

There are some gems in the full video, such as: then-Bayern assistant Dome Torrent also refusing to shake MLS All-Star Team manager Caleb Porter's hand; Porter following Guardiola with a hint of sadness; Porter giving up after shaking the referee's hand.

*Whispers* The MLS All-Stars won 2-1...

Caleb Porter vs. Oscar Pareja's tissue

A personal favorite, this one, coming at the end of an FC Dallas-Portland Timbers game at Providence Park, had it all.

Pareja gets extra points for use of a prop and for inducing Porter to play along, accepting the tissue and therefore validating its existence in the feud. Porter also scores well for difficulty as not once did he break eye contact, yet was able to accurately point at the scoreboard, grab the tissue on first attempt and, in one seamless motion, toss it away with a disrespectful flick of the wrist.