DC United players, staff take Spanish classes together to build team bonds

You've probably heard of players from overseas taking English lessons when they arrive in Major League Soccer. But how about the opposite?

That's exactly what's happening at D.C. United, where several players and coaches are bolstering their skills, and better connecting with Spanish-speaking teammates, by taking a Spanish course together two days a week after their training sessions at RFK Stadium. 

The Washington Post's Steve Goff has the story, speaking to midfielder Russell Canouse, goalkeeper David Ousted and others who are involved with the club's initiative, which was actually requested by players like them who saw their Latino teammates working hard to pick up English as they adapt to life in the United States. 

“The priority is for them to learn English,” said Canouse. “But if they see some guys making the effort to learn their language too, it makes them feel more welcome and hopefully helps them want to learn English.

“I can fit in with them better and they can see I’m trying. I can interact, make jokes and be more involved, which is important for the group.”

Read Goff's full piece here.