Tiro Libre Episode: New York Red Bulls vs New York City FC

Tiro Libre Radio: Capos for New York Red Bulls, New York City FC preview Sunday's showdown

From the players to the fans, everyone's saying their piece on the much-anticipated first clash between local rivals New York City FC and the New York Red Bulls, set to go down on Sunday at Red Bull Arena (7 pm ET; Fox Sports 1, Fox Deportes).

To help preview the match, FutbolMLS.com's Spanish-language podcast, Tiro Libre Radio, brought in two guests with plenty to say on the matter – capos from both teams' supporters groups. If you speak the language (or want to learn!) take a listen – there's plenty of banter and analysis to go around.

And don't forget to check out the video, and the rest of FutbolMLS.com's excellent Spanish-language coverage of the league at the crew's new home on Univision Deportes' official website!