Napoli copy USMNT's 1994 World Cup jersey, unveil all-denim third kit | SIDELINE

What's the most iconic — in an unforgettable sort of way — jersey in the history of the US national team?

Without even thinking about it, most people just thought to themselves, "the 1994 World Cup denim shirt." And that makes you absolutely correct.

You can make the case that it wasn't exactly a gorgeous work of art — and I'll not tell you that you're wrong — but you'd be extremely hard-pressed to think of a USMNT jersey more memorable than the one the Yanks wore on home soil in 1994.

Inspired by adidas's iconic creation, Italian club Napoli unveiled on Thursday something that can only be described with, "Wow."

Their third kit for the current Serie A season is denim. We're not talking a faux denim design like that of the USMNT kit, or even just the jersey is denim with a normal pair of shorts.

The shirt is denim, the shorts are denim and, oh my goodness, who thought this was a good idea? Didn't anyone think of the poor fashionable footballers forced to wear this abomination for the whole world to gawk at them.

If you've gone this far, Napoli, the socks might as well be denim, too.