USMNT coach Jurgen Klinsmann during the Germany match
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Jurgen Klinsmann's Facebook message on US national team World Cup exit: "We need to add the workload"

Jurgen Klinsmann is a new age soccer coach.

How many national team coaches around the world would use Facebook to share their thoughts just a few days after the elimination from the World Cup? Klinsmann did on Thursday.

He made it clear that the exit from Brazil 2014 is a sign that the level of work and the level of competition needs to be increased.

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"We get benchmarked at the World Cup and there is definitely stuff we have to improve and get better in," he wrote. "It’s many things off the field and many things on the field. Playing at that kind of a tempo, at that kind of a rhythm every four days – this has to become the norm.

"So our job as coaches is how can we make it clear that in order to get further and further we need to add the work load, we need to add the competition level, we need to make them understand what recovery time means, what their life off the field plays a role in many things you can achieve in your career."

But that doesn't only apply to the senior team, according to Klinsmann, but for all US youth teams.

"We have to continue to communicate that, to show them and especially start to implement that with our Under-17, Under-18, Under-20, Under-21, which will be the future Olympic team because that’s the next Generation that’s going to break in," Klinsmann's Facebook post continued. "The more we get that message to those kids, the more we will benefit a couple of years from now.

"When you go out in the Round of 16, clearly it gives you the message you have a lot of work still ahead of you."


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