Costa Rican federation to pay fine after fans drown out US national anthem before match | SIDELINE

The US national team endured wave after wave of "gamesmanship" from Costa Rican fans and the Costa Rican Football Federation (Fedefutbol) prior to suffering a 3-1 loss at the hands of The Ticos last Friday night.

Fedefutbol president Eduardo Li told local radio show Encuentro Deportivo earlier this week that FIFA is investigating the federation for what basically amounts to not controlling the actions of their fans. However, the investigation has nothing to do with the antics in the days leading up to the game, but instead minutes just before kickoff.

Costa Rican fans reportedly drowned out the United States national anthem with "loud jeers and catcalls," a violation of FIFA's Preliminary Competition laws.

Li said they will pay the forthcoming fine and went on to call for FIFA to reprimand other nations where drowning out the opposition's anthem is regular practice. You're trying to hold FIFA accountable for their actions, Eduardo — good luck with that.

Pardon me, though, if I have a hard time feeling sorry that Li and Fedefut feel they were singled out considering all the other petulant antics on display in San José last week. While those may not have been deemed illegal practice, they were arguably straddling the line of proper and improper sporting behavior. Disrespecting the United States' national anthem was only the cherry on top.