FC Dallas & the Vancouver Whitecaps bombard the Houston Dynamo on Twitter -- and the Orange return fire

Last week, FC Dallas revealed a new product, the Orange Obliteration System (OOS). They hoped it would help them beat their orange-clad rivals from Houston.  

Well, it worked. FCD got a dramatic 3-2 win over the Dynamo

And now, other people want in on the action, namely, the Vancouver Whitecaps, who will face the Dynamo on Saturday at BBVA Compass Stadium, where the Dynamo have a 12-0-6 record since the stadium's opening last year.

Here's the tweet the 'Caps sent on Wednesday, requesting their own OOS.

Dallas, never shy about tweaking their in-state rivals, obliged.

And the Whitecaps were thankful.

A little later, the Dynamo jumped into the fray, referencing Kenny Cooper's controversial match-winning goal against Houston last week.