Rumor Central: Is Ozzie's training really a trial?

Osvaldo Alonso's trip to Upton Park been called nothing more than a training stint, and in MLS we're more than used to those.

Now, however, it's not just the British press making mountains out of what were previously thought to be molehills. According to a report in, West Ham manager Sam Allardyce intimated that a bid could be forthcoming if he decides that the Honey Badger fits his side's needs:

"We always need a bit of help as a manager," Allardyce reportedly said. "We're never going to turn one down are we? Or two! You've always got to try. If there's anybody there who can enhance or better the team, then we would like to go for them."

Grain of salt alert: First, this is the UK press (no elaboration needed). Second, Allardyce never specifically says that there'll be a bid coming. He's mostly just giving a very political, yet very obvious answer to a pretty straight forward question.
Ozzie would absolutely help the Hammers, by the way. And I'd be shocked if they weren't impressed by him. But ... grain of salt, people. Grain of salt.

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