MLS Cup Top 50: #10 Dwayne De Rosario (2007)
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Top 50 MLS Cup Moments: #10 Mr. Clutch

N. England 1 Houston 2
Twellman 20' Ngwenya 61'
De Rosario 74'
Did You Know?
Dwayne De Rosario is the only player in league history to win two MLS Cup MVP awards. They came six years apart in 2001 and 2007 after he scored game-winning goals on each occasion.
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#10. Mr. Clutch (2007)

There comes a point when it’s no longer a coincidence that Dwayne De Rosario finds himself in these spots.

Game on the line. Title at stake. Pressure mounting. But DeRo got it done again in 2007.

With little more than 15 minutes left in a 1-1 tie against the New England Revolution, De Rosario got the game-winner on a play no one expected from him: a header.

“I couldn’t believe how high he jumped,” said then-Revolution midfielder Jeff Larentowicz. “Dwayne jumps almost out of the stadium and heads it from 12 yards out. It was incredible how high he got and how much power he put behind it.”

Former Revs defender Jay Heaps was closest to De Rosario on the play. Despite being known for his hops, which landed him a spot on the Duke University basketball team in college, Heaps could not match the elevation that DeRo achieved on the play.

“As the ball comes in, I see it’s coming,” Heaps said. “I jump to go head it and out of nowhere, DeRo comes flying in and hits it high peak. I never saw DeRo coming because I was marking the man near me. To his credit, he hit it at the height of the ball. I jump and am already in a heading motion, and he comes in on it.”

De Rosario said that just by the look on the Revolution players’ faces, he knew he had broken their spirit again. There was no coming back.   

“It’s the passion and will to win all the time, that’s helped me out,” he said. “The feeling that you want the ball and that desire to want to do something with the ball when you get it. It has helped me to help my teams and my fans to win championships.”

That’s four MLS Cups and counting for the Canadian.

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