Brad Davis's goal wasn't enough for Houston.
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Davis' rare header surprised even himself

HOUSTON – Brian Ching still likely is the frontrunner for Goal of the Year for the Houston Dynamo for his bicycle kick against the Chicago Fire. But Brad Davis notched his own entry last week with his header against the San Jose Earthquakes.

The goal itself wasn’t particularly great because of the grace or athleticism shown by Davis on the play. Brian Mullan’s assist on the goal was much more impressive in that department. The midfielder beat his man, ripped a shot on goal that was blocked back to him and quickly jumped in the air for a left-footed cross back to Davis.

But Davis’ goal though warrants consideration solely because of the unexpected nature of seeing Brad Davis actually score with his head. The midfielder usually plays the role of the provider on headed goals and surprised even himself heading in Houston’s lone goal on the night.

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“I told another reporter that I think the last time I scored a header, I was seven years old,” joked Davis. “I actually scored some in training [last week] with my head and guys were giving me some crap, so I think it’s ironic that it came to a game and I did the same thing.”

An informal poll taken at practice on Wednesday seems to indicate that Davis’ goal easily displaces Mike Chabala’s right-footed blast against Dallas as the most unique goal of the year. However, Davis’ tally failed to displace Dynamo ‘keeper Tally Hall’s strike against Isidro Metapán last year for most unique goal seen by the players.

“You don’t see a goalkeeper scoring ever, so Tally first,” said Chabala, who seemed a little upset that his right-footed blast was even included in the list.

“Brad and his header, I don’t know if you call it a header,” he said. “He has to get up a little higher than he did, but it was a great goal as well.”

The lone vote for Davis came from defender Bobby Boswell.

“It’s always special to see a goalie score, but it’s rarer to see Brad score with his head,” said Boswell. “[Danny] Cepero already scored one earlier in New York against Columbus, so Tally’s takes a backseat to that one. I give it to Brad on the header.”

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