Zlatan Ibrahimovic - LA Galaxy - celebrates his goal vs. the Chicago Fire

Two days after his maiden American talk show appearance, Zlatan Ibrahimovic called into The Dan Patrick Show, and the former SportsCenter anchor found out the LA Galaxy star is considering an action movie career.

"Little bit curious, but I’m not there [yet]," Ibrahimovic told Patrick. 

What kind of movie star would he be?

"Something like Rambo, Bourne Identity," Ibrahimovic said. "People say I should be a villain, because my English is like Ivan Drago."

It's safe to say people like "Ibra" much more than they cared for Sylvester Stallone's Soviet foe in Rocky IV, with sellouts greeting Ibrahimovic at his first three MLS matches.

Patrick also asked how the US national team might be able to capitalize on his presence in MLS and get back to the World Cup.

"Everything has a price," Ibrahimovic deadpanned, before expressing regret (of a sort) that his children aren't American citizens.

And while the Swedish international is not lacking for self confidence, Patrick did find out other players Ibrahimovic admires.

Turns out, Zlatan is on Team Messi over Team Ronaldo: "I think [Messi] is just natural. He is not trained."

And the best teammate he ever played with? AC Milan great Paolo Maldini.

"He made me do more than I needed to do."