Giovanni Reyna - Tyler Adams - Bundesliga game

In an expansive feature published on Tuesday, ESPN investigates why it is that so many American players — currently among them RB Leipzig's Tyler Adams, Dortmund's Giovanni Reyna and Werder Bremen's Josh Sargent — just happen to be breaking out in Germany's Bundesliga at the same time. 

Of particular interest to MLS fans may be the thoughts of Red Bull Salzburg manager Jesse Marsch, who of course previously managed the New York Red Bulls and also spent a year as an assistant at Leipzig before moving on to Salzburg a little more than a year ago.

"When a lot of the young German youth coaches or coaches in general see the young Americans come over here, they see this confidence, they see this will to win and they see this mentality to do whatever it takes," Marsch told ESPN. "That fits well with the German mentality of wanting to be the best and wanting to be the most professional and wanting to make sure they are the most prepared and organized.

"The combination of the two means that you get some fearless players to put into a good environment and give them a chance to grow and get better and these American players are willing to adapt and learn and grow and do whatever it takes. The combination of the two cultures has led to this being a positive trend, and a trend that I hope continues."

While Adams, Reyna and Sargent — and previously Chelsea's Christian Pulisic and Juventus' Weston McKennie — are the headliners, there are around 50 total US-eligible players in Germany's top three divisions, according to ESPN. That number might still go up in the near future.

"The reason why it's so good now for American players is that Germany is probably the best league in the world at investing in young talent, believing in young talent and using young talent," Marsch told ESPN. "That's really good for young players coming over here. And I think that's why they are willing to make the leap to come to this league specifically. I also think the mentality of young American players is [a] really good [fit]."

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