VANCOUVER, B.C. – The sight of Fredy Montero in a Vancouver Whitecaps jersey seemed like a far-fetched proposition even just a few weeks ago. But soccer never fails to throw up surprises.

The Seattle Sounders' all-time leading scorer was keen to return to Major League Soccer after a spell in China, even if that meant signing for his former team's fierce Cascadian rivals.

"I was looking forward to getting another opportunity to come back to MLS," Montero told reporters after his first training session in Vancouver on Sunday. "Vancouver did everything possible to get my contract. They picked my option and I'm just very happy to stay here.

"Sometimes you don't get to pick the teams. We all know the rules in MLS. That's the main reason. Players are not able to decide what team they are going to. I'm just happy that Vancouver did all that. I know the kind of work and trade and money that they gave up just to get me here, and I'm happy to be here."

His former teammate in Seattle, Brad Evans, disagreed with the striker's decision last week, tweeting out his stance that he would never go to a rival team. Montero was aware of Evans' comments, but quick to dismiss them.

"He's not in the position to say that," Montero said. "That was his tweet. I saw that. I got a lot of comments, but for me, it was irrelevant."

It will undoubtedly be an emotional moment for Montero when he faces Seattle this season, and you can be sure that the teams’ first meeting, at BC Place on April 14 (buy tickets here), is already circled in his calendar.

"Definitely, it's going to be a special game," Montero said. "However, I'm Whitecaps now. I'm going to give my best to win that game and every other game. For me, it's a choice about playing soccer. That's it. Inside the field, we are rivals. Outside, I still have many friends in that team in Seattle."

And what if he scores against the Sounders, especially if it's the match winner. Will we see him celebrate?

"No, no, of course not," Montero said emphatically. "I feel that you have many examples around the world of when one player scores against the other team that they even play for one year or two years, they don't celebrate. For me, it's the same case. I won't."

Vancouver brought in Montero for his goals, pegging him as their new No. 9 striker, and whether it's against Seattle or others, the 29-year-old is confident he'll deliver.

"As long as I get opportunities to score, I will," he said. "That's what I've been doing my whole career, when I had to play in Colombia, when I went to Europe, when I went to Asia. That's what I do."