Zach Loyd is one of FC Dallas' longest-serving players, a classy veteran who helps coach a refugee soccer team in his spare time, even ferrying the squad around the Dallas/Ft. Worth area in his unassuming minivan. 

But he still craves the pulse-quickening performance of an Audi R8 speedster for date night with his wife. 

Loyd is the latest MLSer to take a spin in What‘Cha Got, presented by Continental Tires, and he put the pedal to the metal when he hit the track. But was it enough to grab the top spot?

For those who don’t remember, here’s how What‘Cha Got works: Over the course of the series, MLS players and personalites race an Audi R8 supercar in a time trial. Just like MLS itself, the contest is divided into East and West conferences, with the overall winner getting to keep the car for a year.

Take a look and see how Loyd performed.