Graham Zusi - Kisses US Open Cup - 2017

The Round of 16 in U.S. Open Cup play concluded with four matches on Wednesday night to determine who rounds out the field of eight quarterfinalists.

Meanwhile, four MLS sides had already booked there place there. The four quarterfinal matches are set to take place next month with the path to the final becoming clearer.

A refresher:

Wednesday night's games

Quarterfinal pairings

(To be played approximately July 18)

The semifinals will feature the four winners of the quarterfinals with the home teams for the semis and final still to be determined by a draw to be held on July 19.

Semifinal pairings

(To be played approximately August 7-8)

  • PHI/ORL winner vs. CHI/LOU winner
  • HOU/SKC winner vs. LAFC/POR winner