Ike Opara - Disbelief - vs Colorado

UPDATE: Sporting Kansas City defender Ike Opara found where his first leg Conference Semifinal shot landed. It just took a few days to fall from the stratosphere.

In fact, it just so happened to work out as a dangerous ball in behind for Daniel Salloi, who took advantage of a mistake for a goal. Right?

Important journalism.

Sporting Kansas City defender Ike Opara has but a simple question: Did his ill-fated half-volley ever come down from orbit?

In SKC's 1-1 first leg draw against Real Salt Lake on Sunday, Opara had a moment defenders dream about. A clearance bounced ever-so-invitingly in the final third without a defender in sight. Opara was 30 yards away from goal and set up for a touch and shot, a play that would break the internet if all went right.

Unfortunately, it didn't go as planned as the ball rocketed off his right boot into the stands. Thankfully, Opara had a sense of humor about it.

He took to Twitter to make fun of himself. 

The best way to use Twitter. Well done.