Chris Wondolowski - smiles - on the record

October 12 is Indigenous Peoples' Day, a holiday that celebrates and honors Native American peoples and commemorates their histories and cultures.

Major League Soccer’s all-time leading goal scorer Chris Wondolowski is the son of a Native American mother and is a proud member of the Kiowa Tribe. He has a tattoo across his chest with his Kiowa name, "Bau Daigh," which translates to "Warrior coming over the hill.”

The San Jose Earthquakes legend will be part of a digital Q&A with leaders from the Indian Health Center of Santa Clara Valley on Monday as part of Indigenous Peoples' Day.

To learn more about Wondolowski’s Native American heritage, check out this three-part documentary.

Chris Wondolowski: Bau Daigh Warrior | The Rise of Bau Daigh

Chris Wondolowski: Bau Daigh Warrior | Bau Daigh in Brazil

Chris Wondolowski: Bau Daigh Warrior | A Warrior Returns

And check out this episode of The Movement, when Calen Carr addressed issues in Vancouver's Indigenous community.