Rock Bottom! The Rock weighs in on Tim Melia's takedown of Cristian Roldan

Yellow card or red card? Soccer challenge or wrestling move?

Tim Melia's takedown of Cristian Roldan in Sporting Kansas City's 2-1 victory over the Seattle Sounders at Lumen Field on Saturday had plenty of people weighing in. Including, in what we believe is an MLS first, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Take a look at the play below. Remind you of anything?

For watchers of the WWE around the turn of the millennium, it was certainly familiar. And the master of the move himself confirmed it was indeed an authentic Rock Bottom, the move The Rock used during his WWE heyday to claim many a victory.

Contrary to the now-Hollywood superstar's analysis, the play resulted in only a yellow, rather than a red card. The Professional Referee Organization later explained their reasoning via the pool reporter, saying that "the observable conduct by Tim Melia did not rise to violent conduct due to the lack of brutality."

No word yet on what the punishment would be for the most electrifying move in all of sports entertainment, the People's Elbow.