Ron Jans, Jeff Berding, Gerard Nijkamp - FC Cincinnati - at European match


FC Cincinnati are hot on the trail of multiple "impact" signings to upgrade their attack, according to a new report from Cincinnati Enquirer beat reporter Pat Brennan on Twitter. 

The chatter was sparked when three of Cincinnati's decision-makers head coach Ron Jans, president Jeff Berding and GM Gerard Nijkamp, left to right – were spotted on social media attending a match in Europe on Saturday, prompting Brennan to provide an update on FCC's efforts to reinforce what was a fairly tepid front line in 2019:

That got Cincy fans buzzing about where and who the trio might be scouting, with one would-be sleuth positing that they were at an Eredivisie match, which would track given Jans' and Nijkamp's deep roots in the Netherlands.