Injury Report

Red Bulls coach Jesse Marsch provides update on Lawrence, Adams injuries

Kemar Lawrence - New York Red Bulls - Close up

ATLANTA — New York Red Bulls left back Kemar Lawrence suffered a serious injury in the 74th minute of his side’s 3-1 win over Atlanta United when he intercepted a cross with his chest before hitting the turf.

Lawrence appeared to suffer a head injury after the play before he received the necessary treatment from the medical staff on site. He was stretched off the field to a local hospital and the match was restarted after a nine-and-a-half minute delay.

Red Bulls head coach Jesse Marsch provided an update on Lawrence after the match.

“We’re hopeful that everything’s ok. I’m going to go see him now, he’s actually at the hospital, so I’m going to go see him and make sure that he’s ok. We’re getting word that we’re hopeful that everything’s going to be alright. I think it’s precautionary.”

Asked if Lawrence was unconscious, Marsch added: “I don’t know for sure. I think that everything that happened out there on the field and everything about taking him to the hospital is purely precautionary. I think everyone wants to make sure he’s ok.”

The Red Bulls provided an update on Lawrence's condition at 11:29 pm ET.

Lawrence was not the only Red Bulls player who suffered an injury during the match. Midfielder Tyler Adams sustained a right knee injury and was substituted out of the match during the stoppage for Lawrence’s injury. Adams was emotional as he shook his head before sitting on his team’s bench.

“His knee just started to swell a little bit,” Marsch said. “It felt fine, but again, we wanted to be precautionary and make sure that we weren’t stressing anything.

“They’ve done a bunch of tests and they feel like it’s strong and healthy, and he feels fine. It was just weird to have a little bit of swelling. It could be the turf, it could be a lot of things. We’re hopeful that he’s totally fine.”

On Monday, Lawrence was released from the hospital and was preparing to return to the New York-area.