Rapid Fire with Thomas McNamara: Does he miss the mullet?

Thomas McNamara may not look like a soccer player – the New York Times once described as a “thick midfielder with a mullet” – but the New York City FC cult hero has quickly rendered those snap judgments moot in the early stages of his third MLS season.

A regular in central midfield for new head coach Patrick Vieira in each of the first four matches of the campaign, McNamara delivered a swerving golazo and an assist in Week 1, he drew a penalty in Week 2 and he scored again on Saturday against the Revolution.

MLSsoccer.com caught up with McNamara during the preseason to detail his winding soccer journey then went rapid fire to get the answers to the questions everyone really wants to ask the MLS everyman.

Do you miss the mullet?

I guess I occasionally miss the mullet in terms of having a different hairstyle than everybody else. In terms of living day-to-day life? No, I don’t miss it. Maybe it could be a return, but I don’t have any plans for it right now.

In a game against the Red Bulls last year, you scored the opener. Where you upset when the NYT called you a “thick midfielder with a mullet” after that?

That’s just inaccurate. I didn’t even have a mullet then.

Yankees or Mets?


Do you still own this outfit?

It’s actually my buddy’s outfit. He does still own it. My brother actually just wore it for Halloween. It’s a nice outfit, right? The boots are what really ties it together. It’s subtle.

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What’s your fondest memory from your week as a member of D.C. United? 

I went down for like three days and worked with the head athletic trainer, met Ben Olsen and Dave Kasper.  I enjoyed getting to meet them and was appreciative of them taking me at the time.

How many times were you mistaken for Ned Grabavoy last year?

Me, Ned and Mix [Diskerud] actually got mixed up a lot. I need to cut Mix’s hair or something. Wait, maybe don’t put the cutting Mix’s hair thing in your piece.

Bigger cult hero/phenomenon – Tommy Mac or Poku?

Oof. I think that might be Poku.