Michael Mancienne - New England - close up

New England Revolution defender Michael Mancienne is learning what many parents across the world have known for a while.

Quarantined with his wife and his one-year-old son Noah, Mancienne has had to bite the bullet and cater his TV show viewing to Noah's whims. And that means a lot of the YouTube show "Little Baby Bum" — a channel that makes 3D animation videos of nursery rhymes and children's songs. 

Appearing as a guest on the Revs' "Far Post Podcast", Mancienne quickly cited the show as his least favorite when he was asked by host Jeff Lemieux. 

"It's so annoying," Mancienne said. "I hate it, I've listened to it so many times. But he loves it. That's the thing that before he's going to bed, we make him a bottle, put that on, he gets excited, he'll sit on the sofa, drink his bottle and half fall asleep. But yeah that's the one that I can't stand but that's the one I've listened to ever since he was like a baby baby.

"You end up humming [the songs] and you don't even realize you're doing it. Me and my missus just went for a walk and I was humming a tune that's obviously from one of his programs and it's like 'What's that from?' and it's stuck in my head."

To be fair to Noah, he's far from the only kid to take to put his parents through this. Little Baby Bum's channel has almost 25 billion views -- a number that has no doubt been skyrocketing while people are quarantined. Its rendition of the smash hit "Wheels on the Bus" has over 2.2 billion views alone, making it the 35th-most viewed video in the history of YouTube and the third-most viewed non-music video.

Mancienne said Noah is taking up most of his time, but he's also doing what he can to keep his soccer skills sharp. The defender has been doing header exercises with his wife, who used to play for Nottingham Forrest's women's side, where they head the ball back and forth and currently have a record of 227. He also talks about his new affinity for chocolate-covered digestive cookies and avocado brownies. Give the whole interview a watch blow.