Patrick Vieira - New York City FC - June 24, 2017

Patrick Vieira has established a reputation as one of the league's more thoughtful quotes in his first two seasons at the helm of New York City FC and on Monday he gave fans another chance to see him in action off the field.

During an hour-long session as part of NYCFC's "Chalk Talk" series, Vieira talked with team radio broadcaster Glenn Crooks about topics ranging from Vieira’s playing days at Arsenal and with the French national team, his thought process on taking a job in MLS, and his vote for NYCFC’s toughest player. (Spoiler: it's Yangel Herrera.)

And those who attended perhaps learned why MLS has been such a favorable fit for the Frenchman.

There was his evaluation of himself as an Arsenal player that echoed descriptors of many of the US's most successful European exports.

“I didn’t have the technical quality like Zidane or Henry or Bergkamp, but I had this kind of passion,” He said. “And I was quite really determined and I knew what was my strength and my weakness.”

And there was his rejection of the notion that European-based coaches have superior methods and tactical acumen.

“I don’t think that we do something better than the American coach," he said. "It’s just we’re doing something different. And I think since I’ve been here, there are some American coaches that I saw how they work, how they play, and I take a lot from them as well.”

For the full talk, be sure to check out the above video, courtesy of New York City FC.