Backline Supporters Collective

In a test run for Nashville SC as it moves into Major League Soccer from the USL, supporters groups of the club have officially come together to formalize their status as a collaborative body known as The Backline Supporters Collective.

The Backline debuted with a pregame tailgate on Saturday, ahead of Nashville’s 2-0 victory over North Carolina FC.

The collaborative brings together the five NSC official supporters groups currently recognized by the club: The Roadies, The Assembly, Eastern Front Supporters Group, Music City Supporters, and The Music City Heaters. Each with their own unique flare and dynamic, this move to formalize their relationship shows significant progress as Nashville continues to boost its soccer credentials.

“The formation of The Backline Supporters Collective represents a concerted effort from each of the existing supporters groups, along with a number of independent supporters, to create a more unified and cohesive gameday environment in the supporters’ end of the stadium,” Daniel Ryan, spokesperson for The Backline, said in a release. “We came together around that idea that in order to create a significant home-field advantage and amplify our impact as supporters, we must work collaboratively across our existing groups.”

Nashville will transition to MLS ahead of the 2020 season, entering along with Inter Miami as the 25th and 26th teams to compete in Major League Soccer.