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Another week, another series of crazy events in Game of Thrones—and just like in the civilian world, some MLS players just can’t get enough. With the seventh season of the series upon us, last week we caught up with the San Jose Earthquakes’ Jordan Stewart and the New York Red Bulls’ Bradley Wright-Phillips to get their take on the latest episode.

This week, first, we got a quick take from Sporting Kansas City defender Seth Sinovic, who, right after SKC’s 2-1 victory over Orlando City on Sunday, hosted a watch party for teammates at his house.

WAIT ONE SECOND IF YOU’RE BEHIND: There are spoilers ahead, obviously.

“[There were] more plot development than action this week on GOT,” he wrote to us. “The main storylines in this episode included Jon Snow and Sansa Stark's future fight with Ramsay Bolton for Winterfell, the potential war within Kings Landing, and Daenerys finding more followers with the Dothraki temple burning. All should lead to some intense episodes going forward.”

Three Chicago Fire players—defender Jonathan Campbell, midfielder Alex Morrell, and midfielder Joey Calistri—are similarly stoked on what happens next.

“I kind of thought that Jon Snow would come back to life, but I’m still waiting to see what repercussions there are to bringing him back,” says Campbell. I feel like there’s gonna be a dark side to him, and we haven’t seen that yet.”

Morrell was pumped at Jon Snow’s reunion with Sansa. “That brought a lot of hope,” he says. “They haven’t seen each other since the beginning of Game of Thrones, so that was cool.”

Calistri, meanwhile, offers a couple of predictions “I always liked the Stark family, so hopefully they take Winterfell soon. Ned Stark is coming back,” he says. “I also think Theon is going to become king of Iron Island.”

Watch out for the Jon Snow and Sansa combination, says Campbell. “I believe,” he says, “they’ll take back the North and defeat Bolton!”