Mired in another controversy, Jermaine Jones aims to let game do talking

CARSON, Calif – Jermaine Jones has a reputation; some of it earned, some of it imagined.

Now that he’s made it to Los Angeles, he’s shown that while he still has some grievances, he wants his performance to do most of the talking.

Jones has never gone long without controversy. Just in the past week he’s publicly defended his position on the US national team, then, in the Galaxy's 2-0 win against Montreal last Friday, played a role in Marco Donadel’s red card before scoring later in the match. After the game, Donadel suggested Jones has been taking acting lessons in Hollywood, and expressed lament that he missed the Oscars by two months.

It seems though, at least for now, that Jones is prepared to let his play stand for itself.

“I think since I came here to the United States, played for the MLS teams, people always talk,” said Jones. “I have to show always. Year after year, I have to show.

“In New England, Colorado, out here in LA it’s the same. I’ve said what I wanted to say, to me it’s done and I can ignore what other people say. Just try to play my game and enjoy the time is more important.”

So far this season Jones has managed a goal and an assist, and has three games in which he’s registered more than one key pass. He’s been solid defensively as he continues to work on his central midfield partnership with Joao Pedro, racking up five tackles and four recoveries against the Impact over the weekend.

When Jones moved to the US to play in MLS after the 2014 World Cup, he chose to make his family’s home in Los Angeles, a city that certainly vibes with his lifestyle; from his streetwear looks to his vegan diet. It took some time to get here, but his two-and-a-half years in New England and Colorado and away from his family put things into perspective.

“I think it’s always good to be around my kids, my family,” Jones said when asked about finally playing and living in the same place. “I think life out here, everybody knows it’s nice to live here. I think what was important was that I’m home with my family.”

Family, palm trees and Laker games weren’t the only draws. The Galaxy organization itself had an appeal for Jones, who was quite clear on what separates LA from the other MLS clubs he’s played for.

“I think the whole franchise,” said Jones. “With all respect to the other ones, you feel that you’re a soccer player. You’re not renting some facility. But you know everybody runs it differently. I’m happy to be here and hope that I can stay a long time.”