Micheal Azira - Seattle Sounders - Colorado Rapids

Major League Soccer held the 2015 Waiver Draft on Wednesday, and one player was selected.

Midfielder Micheal Azira, most recently of the Seattle Sounders, was selected by the Colorado Rapids.

Azira, 28, played the last two seasons with Seattle, featuring in 25 regular season contests and one playoff game in 2014, featuring mostly as depth player in central midfield. He has also been capped by the Uganda national team.

The Waiver Draft consists of players who have been waived by their clubs and are not eligible for the Re-Entry Draft or Free Agency. Under-contract players who are selected in the Waiver Draft will be automatically added to the drafting club’s roster. Clubs that claim out-of-contract players must issue a genuine offer to the selected player. Here is the list of players that were eligible for the Waiver Draft.

Players that were not chosen are now available to clubs on a first come, first served basis.