Miami Freedom Park stadium rendering

David Beckham and Miami MLS Expansion ownership partner Jorge Mas have released the first images of their latest plans for a home for their MLS team.

The project would involve the leasing and redevelopment of a city-owned golf course near Miami International Airport, and would include not only the construction of a 25,000-seat stadium, but also restaurant and retail space, office buildings, hotels, athletic fields and a public park, as detailed by the Miami Herald.

Beckham's group estimates the privately funded redevelopment would cost roughly $1 billion. The group would also pay $4 million to $5 million in annual rent for the 73 acres of land, as well as state, county, city and school board taxes for an estimated total of $44 million, the Herald writes.

Beckham and Mas will present more details of their proposal to Miami City Council officials on Thursday with the aim of getting the project put to a public referendum in elections this November.