Four PRO officials added to FIFA International Panel of Referees

Eduardo Mariscal - assistant referee

Four assistant referees from the Professional Referee Organization have been added to the 2017 FIFA International Panel of Referees and Assistant Referees.

American PRO officials Apolinar Mariscal, Eduardo Mariscal (pictured above) and Ian Anderson were each named to the panel, as was Canadian AR Oscar Mitchell-Carvalho. Their additions now give PRO a total of 30 men’s and women’s officials on the panel, which makes them eligible to work CONCACAF and FIFA-level games.

Full list of PRO’s FIFA officials:

Canada Men’s Referees:

Drew Fischer (2016)
David Gantar (2011)

Canada Men’s Assistant Referees:

Daniel Belleau (2007)
Phil Briere (2010)
Joe Fletcher (2007)
Richard Gamache (2016)
Oscar Mitchel-Carvalho (2017)

US Men’s Referees:

Ismail Elfath (2016)
Mark Geiger (2008)
Edvin Jurisevic (2010)
Jair Marrufo (2007)
Baldomero Toledo (2007)
Ted Unkel (2016)
Armando Villarreal (2015)

US Men’s Assistant Referees:

Frank Anderson (2012)
Ian Anderson (2017)
Jeff Hosking (2016)
Apolinar Mariscal (2017)
Eduardo Mariscal (2017)
CJ Morgante (2007)
Corey Parker (2015)
Corey Rockwell (2007)
Adam Wienckowski (2007)

United States Women’s Referees:

Karen Abt (2016)
Katja Koroleva (2014)
Christina Unkel (2013)

United States Women’s Assistant Referees:

Felisha Mariscal (2014)
Kathryn Nesbitt (2016)
Deleana Quan (2016)
Amanda Ross (2014)