Sergio Aguero - Manchester City - goal celebration

The race to sign summer freebie Sergio Aguero is heating up, and if speculation is to be believed, there will be Major League Soccer clubs in the running before it reaches the finish line.

Securing the services of Manchester City's all-time top scorer won't be easy, as some of the biggest brand name clubs in soccer have been linked with the 32-year-old, including both of his former employers (Atletico Madrid and Independiente). Even so, there are a handful of MLS sides that would make a great fit for Aguero.

Of course, not everybody that could use a player of his ilk leading the line is a realistic option. Sorry to say, but there's a couple of teams with previous spending patterns that let on they won't be the type to win a bidding war with Barcelona, Juventus and Paris Saint-Germain.

Then there's a couple of clubs that aren't currently in position to make a move, but could be some time soon. They shall serve as honorable mentions: Minnesota United (who would love the missing puzzle piece to become a major MLS Cup threat, but must first figure out what to do with Young DP Thomas Chacon) and Orlando City (who'd make a great landing spot if some English side ponies up a fee too big to refuse for Daryl Dike).

Austin FC logo
Austin FC

Claudio Reyna has an Designated Player chip still to play, and it might be burning a hole in his pocket by summer. The thought of placing Aguero atop the team he's already assembled has to be tempting. With Tomas Pochettino pulling some strings, and guys like Cecilio Dominguez, Nick Lima and Rodney Redes raiding wide, there should be plenty of chances for a veteran box fox like Kun.

Los Angeles Football Club logo
Los Angeles Football Club

All things considered, this is probably the perfect spot. For all their early success, it can be easy to forget LAFC have yet to have a DP-level finisher up top. Just think of the damage Aguero could do in cahoots with Bob Bradley's tornado of a midfield crew and the two most goal-threatening wingers in the league. It feels a lot like almost every other MLS team would be in big trouble. As an added bonus, the next club on the list would hate it. So so much.

LA Galaxy logo
LA Galaxy

I almost didn't go with this entry. Echoes of "Sure, it's always about the Galaxy!" rang in my head. Screw it. The list of things that could unlock the full power of Chicharito more easily than having Aguero buzzing his orbit is not long. With the Argentine running at the fringes of the area, Javier Hernandez would gain a world of space. With a few solid veterans on board to steady the ship, the Carson crew's capable midfield could spend more time trying to tee up strike stars. Besides, you know they don't want him ending up with LAFC. Any thing but that.

New York City FC logo
New York City FC

Because Aguero already has a long history with the Manchester City family, NYCFC are the obvious candidate. They have the DP slot. They would benefit greatly from adding a front runner to what often times is a swirling, oppressive possession monster. Heber could slide out to left wing (where he tends to float to anyway) and Maxi Moralez would have a through ball terror as target (or decoy, for that matter). A move like this would put the Bronx bunch straight back in the top tier of title contenders.