The Call Up

Fond farewell? Johnny Russell and Daniel Salloi explain expensive prank on Gianluca Busio

Before he departed Sporting Kansas City on a club-record transfer to Serie A side Venezia FC, Gianluca Busio was the subject of one last prank from his teammates that started on Snapchat and ended with an (unintentionally) broken windshield.

SKC forwards Daniel Salloi and Johnny Russell joined the latest episode of The Call Up, where they revealed the whole story behind the saga to co-hosts Susannah Collins and Jillian Sakovits. To hear Salloi and Russell, it was Busio who started it just before he left for Italy.

"His last day, he comes in and he takes a video of him kicking Johnny's car in the parking lot," Salloi explained. "And Johnny sees it on Snapchat, so he goes outside, takes a video of him kicking [Busio's] car. And obviously, Bus' has to go outside again and do another video. So, that's how it started."

Russell decided to up the ante, enlisting Salloi to film a video of him standing on top of Busio's car. The only problem was that as Russell began his jaunt to the top of the vehicle, his bodyweight put a healthy, foot-sized hole in the windshield of Busio's Mercedes.

"He starts stepping on his car, going from the front to the top of it, obviously steps on the windshield. Pop, cracks it. It's a miracle that his foot didn't go in the car," Salloi said.

You can watch the whole sequence in the video below.

"My initial reaction was shock because I couldn't quite believe what had happened," Russell said. "But then I looked at [Salloi's] face and I lost it, I started laughing. He had no expression on his face, just complete [shock]."

Busio was reportedly quite the good sport about the whole thing, taking it in stride, perhaps due to his euphoria about his upcoming European adventure. Russell also did his part to rectify the situation, paying for the damages sustained by Busio's ride.

"He laughed, he actually took it extremely well," said Russell.

Added Salloi: "He was so hyped about his move that he didn't really process it. He was like, 'Ah, yeah, my windshield.'"

All's well that ends well. We'll chalk this one up as a lesson learned for any future car-related pranks that might take place.