Fanendo Adi thanks Timbers, supporters in emotional farewell note

Fanendo Adi - Portland Timbers - hugs Diego Chara, Larrys Mabiala

Portland Timbers forward Fanendo Adi is reported to be on the move following Saturday's emotional, game-winning performance in front of the home fans, and seemed to confirm as much during the postgame.

After sleeping on it, the striker took to social media to thank the Timbers and their supporters for an experience that has left him "forever grateful." Adi specifically thanked owner Merritt Paulson for being "absolutely amazing to me and my family" as well as the Timbers Army, "a fantastic group of people" he looks forward to visiting as an opponent(?!) and a fan. Could be a clue there, if one were reading the proverbial tea.

Read the full text and decide: