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ExtraTime Radio: Talking All-Star snubs, Gold Cup worries and MLS's return -

LISTEN: With the MLS All-Star roster out, the USMNT scuffing their way through to the Gold Cup semifinal and MLS returning with plenty of wackiness, there's almost too much to talk about. Almost. Somehow the guys manage to pack it all in, plus interviews with Chicago Fire head coach Veljko Paunovic and Sporting KC's defensive phenom Erik Palmer-Brown. Subscribe now so you never miss a show! Download this episode!

Between the MLS All-Star roster, another shaky US national team performance in the Gold Cup, the wacky, wild and unpredictable return of MLS and a trash-talking billboard in Orlando, it didn’t seem like there was enough time to talk about everything going down in North America on Thursday. Don't worry, though, we found a way to jam it all in.

Hit the play button for All-Star snubs, a roster breakdown and Fire insider segment with Chicago head coach Veljko Paunovic, USMNT analysis (don’t worry, there was no biting) and a head-scratching rundown of some wild games in Cascadia on Wednesday night.

Oh, and there’s a bonus segment, as Sporting KC phenom Erik Palmer-Brown joins the guys to explain why he’s a Michelle Branch fan, what it’s like to go abroad as a teenager, why Ike Opara calls him his “son” and where he contract situation stands with time ticking down on his current deal.

Of course, the guys also hit the Hot-Take Hotline, which is overflowing with gold from the most important people in the ETR world … the listeners!

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