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ExtraTime Radio: Could the US miss the World Cup? Honduras stakes huge -

LISTEN: What goes well with grilling and the great outdoors? A little Labor Day soccer talk, of course. With Russia in the balance for the US national team, Andrew and Matt get together on a holiday morning to talk Hex and all the MLS action from the weekend. Subscribe now and "Like" our Facebook page so you never miss a show! Download this episode!

Happy Labor Day! Enjoy the holiday with a heaping helping of ExtraTime Radio driven by Continental, as Andrew Wiebe and Matt Doyle come to your from their living rooms to yours.

The guys break down a disastrous loss to Costa Rica on Friday, look ahead to a high-stakes trip to San Pedro Sula to face Honduras on Tuesday, calculate the odds that the Americans could (gulp) actually miss the World Cup and take a hard look at Bruce Arena's roster choices and role in the loss.

The MLS slate may have been truncated, but there was a lot to talk about. Stick around for the latest around the league and listener questions and takes in the Hot-Take Hotline!

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