"Hey, budding child soccer star playing in the Montreal Impact Academy, how was your day yesterday?"

"Oh, you know, pretty typical--we warmed up, did some drills, stretched, and then we went to the first-team locker room where Didier Drogba made us dance battle."

"Wait, what?"

"Yep, just another day in Montreal, where Saint Drogba continues to spread joy off the pitch through his love of dance. After all, this is the dude who spawned entire dance crazes, right? Oh, and our academy teammates pretty much all killed it--just like we did in all these recent youth tournaments! Guess we're just multi-talented like that."

"I'm not sure if I believe you."

"Oh yeah? Here, someone got it all on video. Sure, it's shot in vertical, but that just lends it the extra air of vérité, non?"