Diabetics Jordan Morris, Andy Rose discuss decision to play in Orlando

Jordan Morris - Seattle Sounders - October 19, 2019

Seattle Sounders winger Jordan Morris and Vancouver Whitecaps midfielder Andy Rose had different considerations than most when assessing whether they would play in the MLS is Back Tournament in Orlando.

Morris and Rose are both Type-1 diabetics, a condition that carries a higher risk of complications should they contract COVID-19. Both players spoke to the Associated Press for a story released this week, discussing the process that went into deciding to play in the tournament.

"Having all those conversations, given my health, given how seriously I take managing my diabetes on a daily basis, I came to the conclusion fairly early on even before Orlando was a go — this was still during negotiations – that I would feel safe going,” Rose told the AP's Tim Booth.

Morris said he had discussions with his dad Michael Morris, who is Seattle's team doctor, as well as other medical professionals before ultimately coming to the conclusion he felt comfortable playing.

“I think when this all started I tried to understand exactly what it would mean if potentially I did get COVID and with the underlying condition of diabetes because it is mentioned as one where you could have a few more issues,” Morris said. “And so just understanding that, knowing kind of the risks. And for me, I feel like with all the precautions that are put in place and talking to my dad, to the training staff in Seattle and understanding really what the tournament was going to be like and how they were going to run things, I feel really comfortable that I’m going into an environment where things will be handled very seriously.”

“I really enjoy talking to [Rose] and kind of bouncing ideas off each other,” Morris added. “We talked about how we felt going to Orlando and both of us said we both felt comfortable. It didn’t really cross our minds that we would stay home.”

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